Are you hungry?

We may be created equally...

              But not all granolas are. 

Denel's Delights Homemade Granola is truly unique. 

Our crafted batches provide genuinely good-for-you nutrition, a truly healthy choice with no crap and no compromises...

Made with love and the best ingredients, from our home to yours!





Crap synonyms: rubbish, poppycock, ludicrousness, excrement, mumbo-jumbo, bologna, gobbledegook. 

We don't use crap ingredients, make crap granola, or sell you any crap! 


Denel's Delights Homemade Granola comes with a history, 

a recipe evolved and perfected over ten years.

Many moons ago, Denel was a caring mom (okay, so now she's a caring mom and nana!) concerned with feeding her three children only the freshest, tastiest breakfasts. Here began the hunt for her perfect granola recipe, which has been modified and tweaked over 10 years with the input of each of her children's tastebuds.  The family has been loving it ever since! 

Our secret recipe granola has been served at the King's Daughters Inn since our opening in 2009.  The Classic Blend has been met with rave reviews, alongside innumerable requests, to sell our  granola-fabulousness for the journey home! We are excited, and proud, to extend our family recipe to previous guests, curious pallets, foodie friends, and every one in between. In addition to our old favorite, we are introducing two new seasonal flavors for the adventure seeking folks among you. Their balanced textures and delectable blends have each undergone the rigorous tastebud testing. Feeling nostalgic? Never fear- KDI's Classic Blend will always be available for purchase! 

The King's Daughters Inn is located in Durham, NC -- just named Tastiest Town in the South -- which means we know good eats! Our granola goes hand-in-hand with the philosophies embraced by our beloved town- only the freshest, highest quality ingredients, which are sourced locally whenever possible! Here at KDI, we may not be able to bag up your Nutella and raspberry stuffed french toast, but we can send you our staple granola.  The introductory rate at $10/lb allows you to reminisce with the King's Daughters Inn while in your own home. And if you haven't stayed with us, that's okay too! This is a great way to get a taste for the Inn, which has made a fabulous nana's granola famous. 

From the delightful Denel, and all of us at KDI, thank you for your support and encouragement. Take time for yourself, smile often, and never leave a table hungry!